We comply with the Data Protection Act 2018, and we take your privacy very seriously.

When you register for our service, ask us to source or research information, or browse our website, we will collect and store your information securely. At no stage, unless there is a relevant need and we have your written permission, will we pass your information to a third party.

When we have completed production of your book and despatched printed copies to the address provided by you, we will not send, or digitally transfer, a copy of your book, or any material contained therein, to any third party, unless requested by you to do so. We will not transfer your book to the public domain or make it available for sale.

Any enquiry received by us from a third party regarding your book will be passed on to you. We will not feature your book on our website or in any publicity material. Should we wish to do so at any time, we would ask for your express permission before proceeding.

Personal data about other individuals

By providing other people’s personal data, you must be sure that they agree to this and you are allowed to provide it. You should also ensure that, where appropriate, they understand how their personal data will be used by us in the production of your book.