Tell them about it!

Tell your family and friends the story of something important to you, and of interest to them.

A celebration; an achievement; a biography; a life’s work. Let us have your story and we will transform it into a charming little illustrated book. We can edit it, or, if you wish, write it for you from your brief, incorporating your photographs and images into digital artwork. We’ll show you proofs of the completed publication for your approval prior to sending to the printers.

We take great care of all material that you send us, and respect the privacy of all your personal information, adhering to current data protection legislation. Nothing is passed on at any stage to a third party, nor would any of your personal images be used for any purpose other than the project in question. Digital artwork is only sent to the printers once we have received your signed approval.

Your illustrated story could describe any of the following:

  • Biography
  • Life Story
  • Biography
  • Life Story
  • Wedding Anniversary
  • A birth
  • Christening
  • 1st year of life
  • Birthday
  • Bar Mitzvah
  • Graduation
  • Letters from an ancestor
  • Treasures in the loft
  • My child’s art
  • A family artist

Or it could feature a favourite hobby, pastime or sport.